BLACKPINK’s Lisa Speaks Up About Why She’s Harsh When Helping Trainees

Many trainees find her scary, but it’s all for their benefit.

When BLACKPINK‘s Lisa showed a new side of herself as a mentor for Youth With You, many people were taken by surprise with how harsh she could be.

Although it was completely different from what they were accustomed to, fans loved her duality.

BLACKPINK Lisa Shows A Harsh Side We Never Knew Existed While Critiquing Trainees On “Youth With You”

In the latest episode, Ella Chen named each mentor, including herself, and asked the trainees to raise their hands for the classes they found scary. When she named Lisa’s class, most of the trainees raised their hands. Lisa and Ella both were shocked, with the latter saying, “So many!”

Since the trainees were able to express how they felt, Lisa was able to explain to them why she comes off as harsh. It was far from something she enjoyed.

Lisa takes her role as a mentor to them very seriously. Taking that into consideration, it shapes the way she instructs them. With a sweet smile, she stated, “I feel like [it’s] because my job is to teach them how to dance.”

If she were her usual gentle self, the trainees wouldn’t take her seriously or focus on the skills they’re learning from her. She explained, “If I do that as a friend, I’m worried that they wouldn’t feel pressured.”

The trainees seemed to understand where Lisa was coming from, nodding along while listening.

Lisa needed to be strict to get the best results from them. It would light a fire within the trainees to do their best to improve. Cutely holding up her fists, she encouraged them, “So, I need them to feel pressured. So, they’d work harder and do better.”

They received her positive energy and the heartwarming reason behind it. One trainee made her hands into a heart and held it for Lisa.

Lisa admitted the harsh side was far from her usual self, showing a bit of frustration that she couldn’t prove it more, “I’m actually really nice, but I can’t show it.”

Throughout the show, Lisa has shown the perfect balance between seriously critiquing the trainees and encouraging them. Now everyone knows why she has to turn on her scary side now and then.

Lisa just wants them to succeed. See her explain why she needs to put just enough pressure on them to improve.