How BLACKPINK’s Lisa Started Learning English And Why She’s So Fluent At It

The secret’s out!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa isn’t just fluent in her native language of Thai, she’s also great at Korean and English!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa | @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Given the many years she’s lived in Korea, it’s understandable that she’s already a master of the language. She once shared that the reason she was able to improve so quickly is because a teacher in YG Entertainment didn’t allow her to speak English during class. At that time, she didn’t know a word of Korean, so she had no choice but to quickly learn the language.

During the hour long class, we only spoke in Korean. I didn’t know any Korean, but she only spoke in Korean so it was really tough. I think because she did that, I was able to improve quickly.

— Lisa

But how did she become so good at English that she can comfortable sit through a long interview with locals, especially considering that it is not the first language of either Thailand or Korea?

She revealed in a feature with American magazine Rolling Stone that she was taught it while growing up in Thailand. In her middle school, they followed an English program that required each subject be taught in English.

I learned English at school in Thailand. I went to a full Thai school until sixth grade. Since middle school I went to a bilingual school—well, not bilingual; they had an English program where you learn every subject in English.

— Lisa

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

However, she insisted that she isn’t fluent at it. She’s aware that she still has a slight Thai accent. In fact, from time to time, people around her would be surprised after hearing her speak because they thought she was a local.

I have a little Thai accent when I speak English, so people can tell, ‘Oh, you’re not from here.’

— Lisa


Accent or not, Lisa is unbelievably impressive for learning so many languages at such a young age! Don’t believe it? Check out the article below for proof.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is A Multi-Lingual Genius, Here’s Proof

Source: Rolling Stone