BLACKPINK’s Stylist Finally Revealed The Secret Behind Lisa’s Perfect Bangs

The mystery of Lisa’s unshakeable bangs has been solved!

With never a single hair out of place, BLINKs have often said that Lisa‘s bangs should officially be declared as one of the 8 wonders of the world.


Their unshakeable nature has always mystified fans and with their return to the spotlight after BLACKPINK‘s killer Coachella performances, many people once again began to take a crack at solving the mystery.


Fans had many wild theories as to what could be keeping her bangs so stable including thoughts of super glue, but no one answer presented itself and many fans were convinced that this mystery would remain unsolved…until now!


After seeing just how hard BLINKs were trying to guess Lisa’s secret, BLACKPINK’s hairstylist decided to put things straight and banish the super glue guesses for good!


She recently posted a photo of Lisa to her Instagram, tagging it with both #LisaHair and #TruthAboutHerBangs, she revealed the true secret to those unmoveable bangs!

A lot of people have said her bangs are stuck onto her forehead but never, no! The most important thing is to dry your bangs down. Then dry the roots and fix it with spray.


So it looks like super glue was not used in any shape or form as part of Lisa’s strong bang game, just some perfectly dried hair and hairspray! Mystery solved!


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