Lisa Took Off Her Socks During BLACKPINK’s Concert And BLINKs Are Living For It

How is she so relatable?

Although she spits fire on stage, has goddess level visuals, and can leave you absolutely breathless on stage, her hilarious and sweet personality make BLACKPINK‘s Lisa one of the most relatable idols ever and she just got even more relatable!


BLACKPINK recently stopped in Chicago for their In Your Area tour and brought the house down with their amazing performances.


While there were plenty of memorable and exciting moments from the concert, there was one moment that has a lot of BLINKs are straight up living for and it’s all thanks to Lisa’s quick sock change!


During their encore “DDU-DU DDU-DU Remix” performance, Lisa suddenly bends down takes off her shoes and proceeds to take off her socks!


The moment is quick and as soon as her feet are free from the offending socks, she slides her shoes back on and continues performing like nothing ever happened.


But that quick moment did not go unnoticed by BLINKs who think that Lisa’s shedding of the socks is extremely relatable!


Check out BLACKPINK’s outstanding performance as well as Lisa’s sock moment in the fancam below!