BLACKPINK’s Lisa Wants Everyone To Know She’s The Hottest, Okay

“I’m the hottest, okay?”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa may be one of the best dancers in K-Pop…

…one of the fiercest rappers in K-Pop…

…and one of the most sought-after models in K-Pop.

Despite being so coveted, she’s also just a chaotic person like everyone else! Some of the best moments that exemplify this are during BLACKPINK’s online broadcasts.

In one particular event, Jennie read aloud the compliments they got from BLINKs. The catalyst for Lisa’s chaotic eruption was the comment, “You’re so hot, Rosé!”

Lisa immediately scrunched up her brows and complained.

How about me? Guys, how ’bout me?

— Lisa

She wasn’t afraid to say it like it is!

I’m the hottest, okay? Okay? Guys!

— Lisa

The other members could only laugh it off as they repeated the maknae‘s words in disbelief: “I’m the hottest?”

Jennie eventually read a comment that made Lisa’s day: “Lisa, you’re hot.”

Lisa could only gasp in shock, the happiness she felt at finally getting the compliment she wanted was evident on her face.

Me? Thank you, guys! I got your back, okay?

— Lisa

Though Lisa was joking around in the online broadcast, her words were far from false! Whatever she’s doing—dancing, modelling, or simply standing—she turns heads.

Check out the full video below!