The Cute Reason Why BLACKPINK’s Lisa Always Wants To Travel With Her Mom—Even On World Tours

Does your mom also do this?

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has always had a soft spot for her parents. It’s clear from family pictures and videos that the three share a close bond with each other.

But this was never more obvious than during her interview with American magazine Rolling Stone! When asked about her birthday last March 27, she gushed over the celebration, which was the first time she had traveled back to Thailand in three years. She noticed that her parents “are getting old,” so she would like to see them more often.

It was the first time in three years. My mom and dad are getting old. Now we don’t have quarantine; it’s easier to travel. Whenever I have time, I want to return to Thailand. I don’t want to waste my time. I don’t want to say, ‘I don’t care what the company is gonna say!‘ But I want to see them as often as I can.

— Lisa

Lisa (center), mom (left), and dad (right)

One thing she misses the most about them is the traveling they used to do as a family. When she was younger, they would take a vacation abroad one or two times a year.

I miss traveling together. My dad is Swiss, and he really values having a family day. We’d go to a mall together. And at least once or twice a year, we went traveling abroad together. I miss that so much.

— Lisa

As a busy member of BLACKPINK, however, they now have the option of traveling together during her world tours. Once, her parents went with her to Europe. It must have been fun to spend time together again, but according to Lisa, the best part about having her mom there was that she’d pack and unpack her luggage for her!

When BLACKPINK was doing the world tour, we did visit Europe together. That was so convenient because of packing. ‘Mom, come, please,’ I’d say, and she’d just pack all my stuff. ‘Mom, take out my stuff, please,’ and she’d unpack. It’s the best.

— Lisa

| @LISARAMBO_/Twitter

But her mom wouldn’t have it any other way. In her own words, Lisa will forever be a five-year-old. She’s undoubtedly still a baby in her mom’s eyes, and that may be exactly why her mom continues to dote on her!

I actually asked her, ‘Mom, how old do you think I look?‘ She said, to her, I’ll always be five.

— Lisa

| @lalalalisa_m/Instagram

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Source: Rolling Stone