BLINKs Are Calling Out YG Entertainment For Disrespecting Lisa, Here’s Why

It has to do with her “Kill This Love” teasers:

The excitement for BLACKPINK‘s comeback keeps growing as they release more and more teasers showcasing a dark, dangerous, and sexy vibe. As the teasers get uploaded, however, fans noticed one thing about how YG Entertainment has been releasing Lisa‘s teasers and are not happy.


It all started with the poster teasers for the group. While both Rosé and Jennie were tagged on Twitter, fans noticed that Jisoo and Lisa weren’t. Although they later noticed that Jisoo and Lisa’s hashtags were added to the bottom of the tweet rather than the top like Rosé and Jennie’s tweets.


That, unfortunately, was only the beginning. Despite finding Lisa’s hashtag on the poster, when her video teaser was uploaded fans realized that YG Entertainment had completely failed to tag Lisa.


It didn’t stop there either. Chinese BLINKs realized that Lisa was the only member to have her video completely hidden on Weibo. While the other members’ videos could clearly be seen via an embedded video, Lisa’s was nowhere to be found!

Lisa’s video was simply tagged as “web link” while the other member’s videos were properly embedded on the site. Meanwhile, fans also noticed that Rosé’s teaser was never uploaded to Tik Tok.


BLINKs were not happy when they uncovered both problems with Lisa’s teasers. The felt the mistakes were disrespectful to Lisa and began calling YG Entertainment out for it.


Many fans expressed their disappointment in the company…

And many more couldn’t help feeling angry.


Fans are hoping that YG Entertainment learns from this and not only properly tags their artists but also uploads their videos correctly in the future too.


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