BLACKPINK’s Lisa Shares What Exactly Made Her Cry During The Final Episode Of “Youth With You 2”

“There were all kinds of emotions involved.”

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa became the dance mentor IQIYI‘s Youth With You during their second season. She taught, critiqued, and praised the female trainees from the first episode to the last. Though she was forced to finish the latter half of the show through video calls from Korea due to the pandemic, it didn’t stop her from bonding with them!

Her close friendship with the girls was seen in the final episode when the top nine trainees were announced. As soon as Lu Keran‘s name was called as the last member to join THE9, Lisa burst into tears.

She revealed that she felt a gush of mixed emotions that night. On one hand, she couldn’t help but feel sorry for the finalists who didn’t make it to the line up.

I felt so much because they went through the competition together. I was rooting for the trainees too.

— Lisa

At the same time, she was proud of the girls who could debut together. It was a confusing mix of emotions that resulted in her tears.

But in the end, I was happy for those trainees who could make it. In the meantime, I felt sorry for those couldn’t. So it was a lot to take in. There were all kinds of emotions involved.

— Lisa

The final members of THE9, the resulting girl group from Youth With You 2, included Lu Keran, Xin Liu, Esther Yu, Kiki Xu, Yan Yu, Shaking, Babymonster An, Xiaotang Zhao, Snow Kong.

When the host asked if she could relate their experience with her own grueling debut journey, she immediately agreed.

Yes, because I had the same experience so I knew exactly how they felt.

— Lisa

Lisa was a trainee in YG Entertainment from 2011 until BLACKPINK’s debut in August 2016. These five years were filled with intense practice, homesickness, and other difficulties.

BLACKPINK with Teddy pre-debut

Her crying scene in Youth With You proves that she and the trainees were genuinely close and that she truly understood what they were going through.

Check out the full video below!