It’s BLACKPINK Lisa’s Cat Luca’s 1st Birthday, And Celebrations Online Are In Full Swing

Lisa’s cat Luca deserves all the love on his birthday.

K-Pop idol pets are often just as famous as their owners, so an idol pet’s birthday is definitely a big deal. Today, June 5, happens to be BLACKPINK Lisa‘s cat Luca’s first birthday & Lisa posted a video on her Instagram story of her birthday present to him: a wall-mounted cat treat.

Luca is the newest addition to PETPINK – a cute, fanmade group name for BLACKPINK’s pets. Not only is he the youngest (or, maknae), but BLINKs have dubbed this cute little kitty as the visual of the group as well. (I mean, can you blame them? He’s way too cute!)

He’s one of two cats of PETPINK – the other being Lisa’s other cat Leo. Warning: Luca and Leo’s cuteness together is not good for those with weak hearts.

Luca once took over Rosé and Lisa’s live broadcast, not that anyone was complaining. BLINKs were definitely not ready for the cuteness overload that is Rosé and Lisa showering Luca with kisses and baby voices.

BLINKs have been tweeting with the hashtag #LucaManobanDay since Lisa confirmed it was her baby’s birthday today, and seeing how big he’s gotten in just a year is putting everyone right in their feels.

Happy birthday, Luca! You’re a visual king who deserves nothing but love & you have the best mom in the world!