BLACKPINK Lisa’s Unshakeable Bangs Finally Moved And BLINKs Lost Their Minds

This is not a drill! Lisa’s forehead has been spotted!

With every hair in its place, BLINKs have always been mesmerized by BLACKPINK Lisa‘s unshakeable bangs. Even after the secret behind their flawless and unmovable nature was revealed, fans were still convinced they should be declared as one of the 8 wonders of the world!

Fans were sure that Lisa’s bangs would forever be an unshakeable force, but with a few powerful dance moves from Lisa, everyone’s world was shaken up!

BLACKPINK performed in Bangkok for their In Your Area encore where they treated fans to stunning performances, including Lisa’s “Swalla” performance complete with new choreography!

But the new choreography wasn’t the only surprise in store for fans because as they watched her perform they saw a sight they never thought they would…Lisa’s bangs parting to expose her glorious forehead!

And the more Lisa showed off her intense moves, the more BLINKs got to see of the rare sight.

As fans realized what they were seeing was actually real, they couldn’t help freaking out a little. They couldn’t hide their surprise…


And straight up love for the whole situation!

With this moment shaking everyone’s heart, who knows, maybe someday this rare occasion will happen again!