Filipina Star Liza Soberano’s Reaction To BLACKPINK’s Coachella Performance Is So Relatable

Her reaction is relatable af!

BLACKPINK just made their Coachella debut, stolen the hearts of many, trended worldwide, and were undeniably amazing! So when Filipina actress and certified BLINK, Liza Soberano, shared her reaction to their performance, it couldn’t have been more relatable!


Liza Soberano truly is a certified BLINK. She’s been spotted at a few of their concerts…


Follows BLACKPINK and the members individual Instagram accounts and has been known to leave comments for them…


And has been seen dancing along to BLACKPINK’s songs!


There’s no doubt that Liza loves BLACKPINK and her recent reaction to seeing them perform at Coachella is not only further proof, it’s also extremely relatable!


Being there for the big event, Liza shared a number of Instagram Stories sharing Jennie’s performance of “Solo” with everyone and her captions were a whole mood!


Even if netizens were a little jealous she got to see them in person, they couldn’t be happier for her!