Malaysian Actress Criticizes BLACKPINK For Sexy Outfits In Their Concerts

She’s been getting a lot of criticism right back.

Former member of Malaysian girl group Elite and current actress Abby Abadi has unleashed the fury of K-Pop fans for her recent comments about BLACKPINK.


BLACKPINK has many fans from Malaysia as evident by their amazing turnout for their concert there and they have many more fans there that can’t wait for the group to make their return to the country so they can see them perform live too!


But Abby Abadi’s recent comments have made many fans worried that the girl group may not come back. The actress recently shared a clip of BLACKPINK’s concert in Malaysia and not only made comparisons to Selena Gomez’s heavily opposed 2016 concert, but she also expressed her surprise that there were no objections to the girl group at all.

“How come no one is doing a demo on BLACKPINK? They’re having a concert in Malaysia and their skirts are too short. What’s so good about BLACKPINK?”

— Abby Abadi


Although Abby did get some fans defending her by saying they believed her statement was just a way to highlight the set guidelines in Malaysia, many other fans were infuriated with her words and thought it could have a serious impact on idol group’s performing in the country.


Although the actress is still getting a lot of attention online, fans can no longer see the post as she has set her Instagram page to private.