Here’s Why Each BLACKPINK Member Perfectly Matches The Luxury Brands They Endorse

It couldn’t have suited them more!

BLACKPINK is famous for their impeccable style and high fashion. Because of this, each member is a brand ambassador of a luxury brand, chosen among hundreds of other celebrities in Korea! The following brands couldn’t have suited them more perfectly.

Check them out below!

1. Jennie – Chanel

Jennie is known for being a “Human Chanel”, and it’s easy to see why the brand loves her!

She has a classic and chic style that suits the brand’s image to a T.

She once ingeniously turned a Chanel tweed jacket into a short dress, using a belt to cinch her waist.

Without a doubt, she really does have impeccable style!

2. Lisa – CELINE

Lisa‘s cool and composed style match well with CELINE‘s image.

She has attended several events for the brand and made waves on social media for her appearances.

Her gorgeous photoshoots and events easily leave fans stunned!

One word: wow.

3. Jisoo – Dior

With her stunning looks, it’s no wonder Jisoo is the brand ambassador of Dior Beauty!

Her unreal natural beauty would make her the top pick of any beauty brand.

Just take one look at her and you’ll understand why.

Anyone would want to buy Dior’s makeup products after seeing her endorse them!

4. Rosé – Yves Saint-Laurent

Yves Saint-Laurent is transitioning into a more updated and modern style, and Rosé is a great choice for a new ambassador!

Not only did she attend their fashion show at the Paris Fashion Week last year, she was also announced to be their latest brand ambassador last February.

Whether it’s airports or brand events, her Yves Saint-Laurent outfits make her stand out in a crowd.

She could truly elevate any look with her grace and elegance!

No matter which brand they endorse, each BLACKPINK member is born to be an ambassador!

Source: theqoo