BLACKPINK’s Modernized Hanboks From “How You Like That” Draw Divided Opinions

Either way, we are living for the visuals.

BLACKPINK‘s comeback with “How You Like That” has been facing immense success, breaking all sorts of records with their music video views. Their fashion in particular, has drawn international attention like always, such as when fans realised that Rosé was sporting an empty bullet belt as part of her outfit.

This time, the girls made headlines for their creative use of the Korean traditional clothing, the hanbok, as part of their promotional outfits. The girls sport the hanbok in the music video’s dance break, as well as on their performance debut on Jimmy Fallon‘s The Tonight Show : At Home Edition. This is particularly meaningful given that the show is broadcasted internationally, creating a promotional platform for interest in Korean culture.

While international fans absolutely loved the girls’ take on the hanbok, Korean netizens opinions were divided. As the hanbok is part of their deep-rooted culture, some felt that the modernized versions were just a little more than regular crop tops and dresses made using the hanbok fabric.

Some netizens voiced out their displeasure towards the way the original hanbok was changed up, while others were in defense of the girls’ outfits, saying that it would spread word of the culture either way.

In other news, BLACKPINK is set to drop a second comeback song with a title track as “How You Like That” is said to be a pre-release. Check out the music video’s gorgeous visuals here in the meantime.

Source: NATE