BLACKPINK Is Being Praised For Their Gorgeous Visuals At Recent Event

They’re all gorgeous.

Recently, BLACKPINK attended a private event for Paradise City, a hotel in which the girls are the ambassadors for. There, the girls stunned everyone as they performed, with many praising them for their flawless visuals.

Jennie was seen wearing a checked button-up crop top, paired with black shorts. Many were pleasantly surprised to see the idol with collar-bone length hair, with people commenting that they were used to her having long flowy hair. BLINKs agree that it’s quite the pleasant change.

blackpink jennie blackpink jennie1 blackpink jennie3 blackpink jennie2

Lisa once again stunned with her doll-like visuals. She was seen wearing a long sleeved white crop top partnered with a black tube. Like Jennie, she is seen in black short. With her long legs being her main killing point, people can’t help but agree that she looks like a model!

blackpink lisa blackpink lisa1 blackpink lisa2 blackpink lisa3

Rosé is seen with blonde hair, making her look like a living Barbie. Wearing a feminine black crop top partnered with a white skirt, BLACKPINK’s main vocal looked angelic as she performed, with people saying it looks like she came straight from heaven.

blackpink rose blackpink rose1 blackpink rose2 blackpink rose3

Official visual Jisoo looked gorgeous as she performed, with people praising her timeless beauty. Jisoo was spotted wearing a unique white blouse with a chunky black belt at her waist, pairing the outfit with black shorts. She truly looked like a princess!

blackpink jisoo blackpink jisoo1 blackpink jisoo2 blackpink jisoo3

BLACKPINK seriously has no visual holes.

– Korean Netizen

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