BLACKPINK Reveal Why They Don’t Have A Leader

It’s for a simple reason.

Something that most K-Pop groups have is a leader, but some groups choose not to have one, such as BLACKPINK.

| @BLACKPINK/Twitter

BLACKPINK recently guested on Knowing Brothers, and they were asked why they don’t have a leader.

Lisa then explained how all the members have things they’re good at and that they all have certain roles in the group.


For Lisa, she’s the main dancer and is in charge of anything dance-related.

Jennie is the one in charge of initiating things.

Since Jisoo is the eldest in the group, she tends to be the one who makes difficult decisions.

Lastly, Rosé is the one in charge of all the little details.

Due to this, the members felt that a leader wasn’t really needed, as they all have certain leadership characteristics.

Here’s the full video below!


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