To All Artists Suffering From ‘Creative Block’—BLACKPINK’s Rosé Has Advice For You

Don’t know what to draw? Rosé has some tips!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé may be best known for her idol and modelling career, but she’s also secretly talented at art!

No matter if it’s drawings…

…or paintings, she can handle a number of different styles!

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

In one online broadcast, she opened up about her art to the BLINKs watching live. Like many people who are strict about their crafts, she does not love every single thing that she works on.

It’s little childish, so I don’t really like this one. I don’t love this drawing.

— Rosé

She, however, keeps drawing because it’s her passion. She encouraged others to keep doing so as well despite the hurdles they may face.

As for drawing tips, I think you should not try to draw well. You shouldn’t restrict yourself. You shouldn’t try to draw something really nice, or draw something really cool.

— Rosé

Rosé pointed out that having high expectations for oneself can lead to disappointment. It’s better to try things randomly and let one’s pencil lead the way.

‘I want to do a really good job,’ more than that, just…you shouldn’t even plan anything. I feel like [when you start] you see the picture. And then you plan. And then you’re like, ‘Oh, I like this! I’m going to start putting this here and that there. This is how I’m going to go with this and that’s how I’m going to go with that.’

— Rosé

She emphasized the importance of starting on something even if one doesn’t feel creative, “I feel like you have to start from just putting your pen on the paper or whatever it is you’re using. You know what I’m saying?”

Take it from Rosé—just have fun with what you’re doing and everything will follow!

| @roses_are_rosie/Instagram

Source: Naver Live