BLACKPINK Rosé’s Biggest Enemy Is Not A Person Or Thing…It’s The Curve In A Race Track

This place is the worst thing she’s ever experienced.

BLACKPINK enjoyed go-kart races in the seventh and eight episodes of 24/365 with BLACKPINK. While Jennie and Jisoo were revealed to be excellent racers, Lisa and Rosé were obviously struggling in a number of parts.

No matter how hard she tried, being first place in racing just wasn’t meant to be for her. First, she slowed down after narrowly hitting a curve…

…then she encountered the place she just couldn’t win against: one of the curves of the go-kart track. She was so bad at it the first time around, the commentators aptly named it the “Rosé Zone”.

Right into the bushes, the most dangerous Rosé Zone!

— Commentators

She could’ve caught up with everyone, but the force of her enemy was just too strong. Rosé got sucked into the grass of the track for the second time that day!

She could only cry out in a mix of sadness and embarrassment: “I don’t know what to do!” She was full of “tears” at the end of the race as she lamented her bad luck, her members laughing at her good-naturedly.

Full of amusement, Jisoo pointed out that she had grass stuck on her kart that came from the cursed “Rosé Zone”.

It just wasn’t meant to be, Rosé!

Check out the full episode below!