BLACKPINK Rosé’s Artwork Was Featured In The “BOOMBAYAH” Music Video—Here’s What It Is

Can you guess what she made?

BLACKPINK made headlines when they debuted in August 2016 with their dual title tracks “WHISTLE” and “BOOMBAYAH.” In fact, the latter is among the only K-Pop group music videos that have hit the coveted one billion views.

One aspect that made it so popular was its use of high quality sets, costumes, and props that perfectly showed off the girls’ cute and cool appeal.

Not all BLINKs out there may know this, but one of Rosé‘s very own creations made it to the high quality “BOOMBAYAH” music video. It was none other than her gorgeous artwork!

Rosé | BLACKPINK/YouTube

She revealed in a live broadcast two years after their debut that she worked hard to decorate her own helmet with a cross and rose image. It can be seen if you zoom into the group scene where BLACKPINK rides their scooters.

I brought something else to show you. This is when we promoted ‘BOOMBAYAH.’ I doodled on the helmet we wore for ‘BOOMBAYAH.’

— Rosé

Unfortunately, the helmet and her artwork were not given a memorable close-up.

That helmet didn’t really feature in the music video. But I worked hard on it. It’s this one.

— Rosé

If you look closely in the music video, you can see the tip of the cross Rosé drew in the front of her helmet.

As the years passed, the marker peeled off bit by bit. She remembered the time when she was extra “heartbroken” after accidentally smudging the rose drawing.

You might have noticed since I used a marker, it’s peeled of a little because it’s been rolled around. The marker is peeled off here. At first, it was really smooth. This is just a marker. I used thick marker….this is heartbreaking. I drew this and smudged it with my hand. My heart was broken.

— Rosé

Though it wasn’t able to be significantly part of the music video, the helmet made its full-on public debut in Rosé’s live broadcast a few years later! She kept it with her years after the shoot and she still remembers it fondly.

BLACKPINK. Isn’t this pretty?

— Rosé

By the off chance you haven’t seen it yet, check out BLACKPINK’s “BOOMBAYAH” music video below!

Source: Naver Live