BLACKPINK’s Rosé Thought Of A Clever Way To Hide Her Snacks When She Was A Trainee

Rosé ended up getting caught!

BLACKPINK Rosé‘s love of food is quite well known, and she recently shared a funny story from her trainee days regarding food.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | @wedfoodtalk/Facebook

Rosé recently guested in an episode of My Little Old Boy, and in the episode, it was mentioned how big of a foodie Rosé is. Rosé was then asked if she’s done something “extreme” because of food.

| sNack!/YouTube

After thinking for a bit, Rosé spoke about an incident that happened when she was a trainee. Rosé said that when she was a trainee, she wasn’t allowed to have junk food.

| sNack!/YouTube

This, however, didn’t stop Rosé, as she thought of a way to hide her junk food. Rosé shared that she emptied her pillowcase and filled it with junk food!

| sNack!/YouTube

Rosé initially thought this was a good plan, but one day, a staff member cleaned her room and touched the pillowcase. This staff member heard the snack bags’ crumpling sounds, and Rosé’s junk food got taken away. Thankfully, Rosé now no longer has to hide her junk food and can eat whatever she wants.

| sNack!/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!