BLACKPINK’s Rosé Shows Off Her Insane Duality From Chic To Preppy In Two Completely Different Brands

This is a 180-degree change!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé can transform in the blink of an eye!

While in Saint Laurent, she gives off a chic and cold vibe.

Her image is charismatic and luxurious in the classic looks.

Rocking all black and wind-swept hair, she gives off the cool atmosphere of a runway model.

However, she shows how fast she can change images when modeling for OiOi.

The high-teen, preppy style is just as suitable for her!

Though both looks can be seen as polar opposites, they have one thing in common: A luxurious, high-end feeling.

Rosé’s gorgeous visuals and unique atmosphere can look expensive in a variety of looks!