BLACKPINK’s Rosé Finished Recording “On The Ground” And “Gone” In Record-Breaking Speed

Which song did she record faster?

When BLACKPINK‘s Rosé sets her mind to something, she delivers, and she delivers fast.

In a video posted on her YouTube channel, Rosé talked about her solo debut with the songs “On The Ground” and “Gone.”

She was asked about her experience when recording her debut song. “How was it when you first recorded ‘On The Ground?’

Amazingly, she was able to finish recording “On The Ground” in only one day!

When I first recorded ‘On The Ground,’ the main track was recorded in a day, and then we built the chorus on top.

— Rosé

She revealed that she returned to the studio many times to try new sounds, but ultimately, the final song didn’t take long to complete.

I also wanted to create new sounds, so I would come back and record it again. But the entire song was done in a day.

— Rosé

Afterwards, she talked about her other track, “Gone,” explaining what she likes about it and what kind of story she wanted to tell with it.

So with ‘Gone,’ I recorded the song around two years ago. It’s a sound that I really like with guitar accompaniment, and it’s a song that draws on an honest story of a person, so I really wanted to portray that well.

— Rosé

Similar to “On The Ground,” “Gone” was also recorded in less than a day. Incredibly, the only difference was that it took her just one try to get it right. “From what I remember, I think I recorded it in one go.

Hear more about Rosé’s solo debut in the full video below!

Source: ROSÉ Official