BLACKPINK’s Rosé Was Talking About Ghosts… And Then Got Scared Speechless

Rosé couldn’t believe what happened!

K-Pop idols often get pranked by fans during live broadcasts, and one of the most common pranks is telling idols that a ghost is behind them. This recently happened to BLACKPINK‘s Rosé, and she firmly told her fans that no ghost was behind her.

Rosé then went on to talk about how she’s never seen a ghost before.

While Rosé was talking about this, something could be heard falling in the background, which shocked her.

Rosé was quite speechless and said that she was scared.

Rosé even teared up a little!

Rosé then said that this was probably just a coincidence and concluded by sharing that she’s not afraid of ghosts because she’s never seen one.

It looks like Rosé might have just gotten her first scare from a “ghost!”

Source: Naver Live