AB6IX’s Woojin Responds To “There’s A Ghost” Comment During Online Broadcast — And His Response Is Unexpected

“I’m not afraid of ghosts, I’m afraid of…” — Woojin

AB6IX’s Woojin was once “pranked” by fans during an online broadcast…but he definitely didn’t react how everyone thought he would!

Fans often send mischievous comments to idols during live broadcasts such as “There’s someone behind you” or “Something just moved.”

Sometimes, these comments totally succeed in scaring the pants off of idols!

During Woojin’s solo eating show, a fan took a different approach to this “prank” and told him that there was a ghost sitting in the chair next to him.

Woojin showed no sign of being affected like they thought he would, despite being in the room alone. Instead, he smirked and immediately said he’s not afraid of ghosts.

However, he revealed the one thing he’s truly afraid of.

I’m afraid of heights, but not the ghost.

— Woojin

At least we know he’s definitely not lying about the heights part!

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