4th-Gen Idol Has The Best Reaction To A Question About Controversial Former Member

Even his teammates couldn’t stop laughing.

In the latest episode of “Who Is The K-Pop Group Behind Me?” on POPKORN‘s YouTube channel, AB6IX appeared before two non-K-Pop fans who had to guess the group’s name after asking questions for 10 minutes.

AB6IX | @AB6IX/Twitter

One of the two fans, who introduced herself as someone who doesn’t know K-Pop past the Girls’ Generation era, started by asking the basics—like if the number of members and if any of them had ever been on audition programs.

| @POPKORN/YouTube

Then, with a wild shift in tone, the fan asked if the group had ever lost or gained a member.

While the three other members hesitated to talk about the former member Lim Youngmin who departed the group after a drunk-driving scandal…

Lim Youngmin Officially Removed From AB6IX After Drunk Driving Incident

Jeon Woong had no problem answering the question!

AB6IX’s Jeon Woong | @AB6IX_MEMBERS/Twitter

In his usual, coolAF demeanor, Jeon Woong acknowledged the former member and moved on. Given his unexpectedly hilarious reaction, his teammates couldn’t hold back the laughter!

Korean fans also had a blast watching AB6IX deal with their past with a sprinkle of sass and humor.

| theqoo
  • “His yes- was f*cking hilarious. LOL.”
  • “Oi, f*ck. HAHAHAHA.”
  • “Agh, hahaha.”
  • “The member who answered is f*cking hilarious. LOL.”
  • “Woong is the funniest, indeed. Haha. This is both hilarious and sad, though. Sigh.”
  • “This is so sad, but also frickin’ hilarious. LMAO.”
  • “He answered that so well, given how awkward it could’ve gotten. He’s smart! Haha.”
  • “LOLOLOL.”
  • “The member on the far left was shookAF. But then he starts rolling on the floor laughing. This whole thing is the funniest chaos. LOL.”
  • “These non-fans are so cruel, HAHAHAHA.”
  • “His voice when he answered is hilariousAF.”

Watch the full episode below.

Source: theqoo