Former Member Lim Youngmin Gets Accidentally Posted On AB6IX’s Official Account, Sparking Displeasure From Fans

Fans think that they did it on purpose.

Former AB6IX member Lim Youngmin will soon be returning as a soloist. His new album will be released on August 29, 2023. To tease his album, the company dropped the comeback timeline on August 22. What angered fans of his former group was that the timeline was accidentally posted on AB6IX’s account instead of Lim Youngmin’s new official account.

The timeline being posted on AB6IX’s official account. | theqoo

The mistake was left up for some time before being deleted. AB6IX fans are in doubt if it was a genuine mistake by the staff, or a part of noise marketing.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Don’t think it’s a mistake.
  • Fans must be f*cking angry. Are they insane?
  • If only they made a mistake with a different artist… This is so hurtful to the fans…
  • Ah, insane. I thought another member was getting a solo, but it turned out to be him.
  • LOL… They gotta be sh*tting us.
  • Brand New Music was originally a f*cker of a small company, but recently they’ve been legendarily so. They do so many fansign so that their company, which is going bottoms up, can earn some bit of money. Fans of those groups are all getting tired, so I guess fans of the DUI guy will be buying albums now? The company needs to shut down. Hope Rhymer (CEO) just opens a new company that cares for criminals.
  • Guess he’s quite popular. They’re holding onto him because he probably sells well on the business front, but they kicked out three of his juniors right away.
  • They treated BDC so bad, and kicked them out at the end, so why him?

Lim Youngmin withdrew from AB6IX after committing a DUI during his rookie days. This incident left a scar on the hearts of many AB6IX fans who were looking forward to seeing the group take off.

Source: Theqoo


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