BLACKPINK’s Rosé Reveals How She Found Out Girl’s Day Hyeri’s Address To Surprise Her For Her Birthday

Rosé is such a sweetheart.

In a recent episode of JTBC’s Knowing Bros, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri revealed just how much of a romanticist BLACKPINK’s Rosé was.

Hyeri revealed that anytime Rosé sends something to her it’s always a surprise!

Rosé is such a romanticist because she never tells me what she’s doing, it’s always a surprise! She doesn’t know my manager’s phone number and yet she manages to send a coffee truck every time I’m filming something.

— Hyeri

Out of all the surprises Hyeri received, she shared the one surprise that truly touched her. Rosé, who was on a world tour, somehow sent flowers to Hyeri’s house on her birthday.

This was shocking to Hyeri because she lived with her parents and didn’t usually invite friends over.

Rosé revealed that she thought long and hard on how to surprise Hyeri.

I thought a lot about how I could find out her address. Then I remembered that I met Hyeri’s sister before so I found her Instagram and sent her a DM in order to find out her address.

— Rosé

Hyeri also added that Rosé would always send her text messages anytime she was on her way to a schedule, showing just how much she cared for her.

Watch the full clip below!

Source: insight
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