BLACKPINK’s Rosé Shares A Heartwarming Moment She Had While Filming The “On The Ground” Music Video

Looking back, Rosé finds her situation hilarious!

In a recent interview on KuWo Music, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé spoke about a heartwarming moment from the filming of the “On The Ground” music video.


The music video was filmed in January, so it was quite cold. There was also a lot more filming done outside than Rosé had expected!

| APRÈS 0129/YouTube

The staff were scared that Rosé would get cold, so they made a tent for her, and it was warm inside. The tent was so warm that it was called the “jjimjilbang (Korean sauna/spa) tent.”

| APRÈS 0129/YouTube

Rosé constantly went in and out of this tent between filming.

| APRÈS 0129/YouTube

Rosé shared that constantly going in and out of this tent was like “jumping between hot and cold tubs.” Looking back, Rosé finds this hilarious!

| APRÈS 0129/YouTube

Here’s the interview and “On The Ground” music video below!