Here’s Why BLACKPINK’s Rosé Always Poses Like This In Group Photos

Have you noticed this?

Only the most observant BLINKs have noticed one of Rosé‘s habits when posing for a group photo with the BLACKPINK members!

BLACKPINK’s Lisa, Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé | YG Entertainment

Standing at a severe angle, she shifts her weight onto one leg and juts her hip out to the side.

Always putting her torso at diagonal angle, fans have realized there’s a reason behind the pose — other than looking good!

When Rosé stands straight, her height difference becomes obvious with other BLACKPINK members.

Because of how often she adjusts her height, many people may not have known she has such a large height difference with the others.

When she adjusts her height to be more in line with the rest of the members, the group has a more cohesive look.

Rosé’s official height is listed as 168.7 cm (5 feet and 6.42 inches).

According to their official profiles, the other members follow behind her with Lisa at 166.5 cm (5 feet and 5.55 inches), Jennie at 163 cm (5 feet and 4.17 inches), and Jisoo at 162 cm (5 feet and 3.78 inches).

Sometimes, Rosé will even be taller than the members wearing heels while she’s wearing flats, as seen below!

Thanks to BLACKPINK’s strategic poses, their height differences are usually not so obvious!