BLACKPINK’s Hairstylist Reveals Rosé Bleaches Her Hair Up To Three Times A Week

He tells all about BLACKPINK’s hair secrets.

In a new video by Sunbae TV, BLACKPINK‘s hairstylist, Cha Cha, revealed some information about how to achieve the girls’ go-to hairstyles, colors, and more.

BLACKPINK | Vogue Korea

He revealed Jisoo typically sports dark hair. Now that she’s filming a K-Drama, she kept her look natural.

He also shared that different hair colors can bring out different skin tones and it’s important to pick the correct tone to have a flattering combination.

Jennie usually sticks to her dark ash brown color…

Jennie had been doing ash, dark colors for the past couple of years.

— Cha Cha

…which requires a small amount of maintenance with monthly touch-ups.

However, Rosé‘s iconic blonde hair requires much more work.

Sometimes she comes in three times a week to bleach her hair.

— Cha Cha

Cha Cha also revealed that in order to achieve bleaching like Lisa‘s iconic hair, you should try to wait two days after showering when bleaching to avoid damage.

All of this hair maintenance is a serious commitment for celebrities and they often have to wake up incredibly early to avoid the rush of everyday life.

Celebrities come in more on weekdays rather than weekends. Especially in the morning, mostly at dawn.

— Cha Cha

Check out all of his hair tips and tricks on what the BLACKPINK members do to achieve their gorgeous hairstyles below!