BLINKs Are Feeling Extra Soft After Noticing BLACKPINK’s Rosé Still Has Jisoo’s 2018 Secret Santa Gift 

It couldn’t get any softer than this:

With a single post, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has been making everyone feel extra soft.

Rosé recently blessed fans with a brand new Instagram story. This particular story featured the soft glow of a candle but it wasn’t the candle’s glow that was the softest part of the post! BLINK were quick to notice the object behind the candles because it was something they’d seen before!

The first time that BLINKs saw the acorn was on an episode of BLACKPINK House in 2018 when BLACKPINK were on a mission to pick out the best secret Santa gifts for each other! This particular acorn was gifted to Rosé by Jisoo!

At the time, Rosé absolutely loved her acorn gift…

And it looks like she still loves it just as much now! The fact that Rosé still loves her gift from Jisoo has been making BLINK everywhere feel extra soft!

It’s easy to why too because it seriously couldn’t get any softer!

You can relive the original cuteness from their secret Santa session below: