Rosé Got To Meet LANY’s Paul Klein And BLINKs Couldn’t Be Happier For Her

Rosé was BLACKPINK’s latest successful fangirl:

A few days ago, BLACKPINK‘s Lisa met up with Niki for the first time in person and it absolutely amazing and now, Rosé got the chance to meet up with one of her favorite artists too!


Last week, BLACKPINK sat down with Brooke Reese on Apple Music Beats 1 where they revealed the music that inspired them the most. Rosé’s pick was none other than “Malibu Nights” by American band LANY.


Fast forward to BLACKPINK’s legendary performances at The Forum in LA where they not only crushed their performances, but they also met up with a few celebs backstage including none other than Paul Klein of LANY!


Besides the group photo with him, Rosé also got to snap a one-on-one photo with him!


And LANY also tweeted out about his meeting with them while calling BLACKPINK the sweetest girls he’s met!


BLINKs couldn’t be happier for Rosé meeting up with and getting recognition from one of her favorite artists!


From talking about them to meeting one of the members, Rosé really is a lucky fan! Here’s hoping we’ll get to see some more interactions between Rosé and LANY members in the future!


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