BLACKPINK Rosé reveals why she fell in love with Jisoo at their first meeting

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has an endless amount of charm and hidden talents, but this is the reason why she became Rosé‘s girl crush!

During one of their first live vlogs, a fan asked the BLACKPINK members what their first impressions of each other were. Rosé was the first to speak up and told fans on how she first met Jisoo at a krumping lesson when they were still trainees. “Krumping” was a popular American street dance that involves a lot of fast expressive movements.

Rosé reminisced about the moment she saw Jisoo dance for the very first time and said, “She was really good at dancing then, so I fell in love with her at first sight. Girl crush!”

Upon hearing Rosé’s honest first impression of her, Jisoo got flustered by all the compliments she was receiving from the younger member.

Take a look at Jisoo’s sexiness and charisma in these solo fancams!

Jisoo fired up the stage while dancing to “Playing With Fire.”

Jisoo showed how much she improved since pre-debut when she danced to “Whistle” at the 2016 Melon Music Awards.

In fact, all of the BLACKPINK members have proved themselves to be the next rising generation of dancing idols with their amazing choreography. Even when the speed of their song was doubled, they were able to execute every move accurately.