Rosé Versus Rosie: BLACKPINK’s Rosé Touches On The Details Behind Her Famous Nickname

Not everyone can call her Rosie!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé goes by several different names: her Korean name, Park Chaeyoung, her English name, Roseanne Park, her stage name, Rosé, and her nickname, Rosie. Inevitably, the people around her tend to mix and match whatever they feel like using at that moment.

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Jennie, for example, almost always calls her “Rosie” while Jisoo often says, “Chaeyoung-ah” when talking to her.

In an interview with the Zach Sang Show, the hosts noticed that it was not just other people who use “Rosie” but herself as well!

Do most people call you Rosie? Because I did noticed that you keep referring to yourself as “Rosie”…so I don’t know if you feel more comfortable with that name or if that’s what you grew up with.

— Host

She shyly asked if it was true that she slipped in her speech: “Did I just say that? Okay yeah, umm. My friends and family call me Rosie.”

Rosé explained that she makes a conscientious effort to refer to herself by her stage name whenever she has official schedules: “Sorry, I’m supposed to stick with the name Rosé but it just comes out.”

Because her family began calling her by the nickname, her friends followed suit.

Rosie is more like a casual name that my friends and family, people who are personal to me, call me. Sometimes I do refer to myself, like “Rosie!”

— Rose

She joked that even her dog, Hank, would join the group and call her Rosie—just like her best friends!

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Check out the full interview below!