BLACKPINK’s Rosé Shares The Secret To Warming Up Her Angelic Vocals

Rosé has the loveliest voice!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé voice is loved by many and many want to know the secret to her angelic voice! Turns out Rosé uses a specific vocal warm-up to help produce the best sound!

In a recent interview with Elle Korea, Rosé was asked, “Your own way of warming up before singing?”

Rosé revealed a surprisingly simple vocal warm-up that anyone can follow! Rosé Shared she merely just warms up by speaking the words to her lyrics before singing them! Rosé explained, “I say the words to the lyrics as if I’m just speaking.

In light of her debut solo “On The Ground,” Rosé its lyrics as an example, “If the lyrics are ‘Everything I need is on the ground’, then I just say “Everything I need is on my ground.

Through her warm-up, Rosé shared that she can feel it helping her core tighten: “This almost feels like my core gets all tightened up.”

Rosé then sang her hit song and it was of course the most angelic thing you’ll ever hear!

Check out the video below: