BLACKPINK’s Rosé Made A Unique Skill That Can Be Used In Case Of Dire Emergencies

Stuck in a box? This is your way out.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé has an individual talent that’s one of its kind! She made a so-called “box language” that allows her to speak coherently despite not opening her mouth.

She talked about her ventriloquism in episode 233 of SBS‘s My Little Old Boy. The panelists were surprised that an individual skill that’s usually funny was used in such a unique way: “If it’s for fun, it makes sense, but in case of emergencies?”

She demonstrated its usage right in front of them. If a person were to ever be kidnapped and strapped with tape over their mouths, the box language could help them plead for help. If ever they were trapped in a box, they’d still be heard.

Please help me! I’m Rosé, please help me.

— Rosé

The results were so good, everyone was awed!

They commended her skills right away: “You’re really good. Oh, I can hear you.”

When asked if she actually thinks she’ll need it one day, Rosé explained that it’s better to be safe than sorry.

[Yes] if there’s a tape like this when you’re kidnaped.

— Rosé

Whenever Rosé shows off her individual skill, the cast members of the programs can’t help but be surprised! The “box language” is something that only she can claim.

Check out her My Little Old Boy interview below!