Skylar Grey Sent BLACKPINK’s Rosé A Whole Lot Of Love After Hearing Her “Coming Home” Cover

She wants to do a duet with Rosé too!

American singer, songwriter, and record producer Skylar Grey heard BLACKPINK Rosé‘s cover of her song “Coming Home” and couldn’t help pouring out some major love for Rosé!


During BLACKPINK’s recent In Your Area concert in Melbourne, Australia, Rosé surprised fans with a very special solo stage to celebrate her return home which included a cover of Skylar’s “Coming Home”!


While fans melted over Rosé’s cover, there was one more person that showed it a whole lot of love…Skylar! Shortly after Rosé’s cover made it’s way online, Skylar heard the song and couldn’t help tweeting out her approval!


But that wasn’t the only love Skylar sent Rosé’s way! She also uploaded a clip of Rosé singing the song to her Instagram page. While the video itself was sweet, Skylar’s comments really grabbed attention!


Not only did Skylar say that Rosé was beautiful and totally rocked the performance, but she also said hearing her sing the song was the best reward! To top it off, she also said she wanted to do a duet with her next time! And when Rosé saw the comment, she sent some love right back at Skylar.


These messages couldn’t be any sweeter or truer! Here’s hoping we’ll get to hear them sing together soon!