BLACKPINK’s Rosé Shares How Working Solo Is Different From Working In A Group

Rosé also heartwarmingly thanked her fellow members!

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé recently made her solo debut, and she’s already broken several records!

In the latest “ROSÉ “On The Ground” | Countdown to Premiere” episode of RELEASED — a series on BLACKPINK’s YouTube channel,” Rosé was asked how working as a solo artist is different from working in a group.

BLACKPINK’s Rosé | YG Entertainment

Rosé stated that working solo is a lot different since she has to carry a whole song by herself and doesn’t have her fellow members to back her up.


Rosé also heartwarmingly spoke about how being in BLACKPINK has helped her tremendously and that she’s learned so much thanks to her fellow members.

I honestly think that me being in a group as BLACKPINK has helped me a lot with what I have, you know, been able to achieve by myself. Without them, I would not have, you know, all the experience that I have right now.

— Rosé


Rosé concluded by stating that people will get to know her a bit more through her solo project and see “an extended version” of what they saw in the past.


Here’s the full video below!