BLACKPINK’s Rosé Matches Her Members To Stickers, And The Selection Is Adorable

Stickers and friends. Who needs more in life?

In a recent interview with Harper’s BAZAAR Korea, BLACKPINK‘s Rosé filled up her “Dictionary of Useful Knowledge” with drawings and stickers as answers to the interview questions.

| Harper’s BAZAAR Korea/YouTube

Rosé answered a wide variety of questions, ranging from food to her dog Hank to the beach, and the drawings she produced were too cute.

She also had fun with stickers, commenting on how, like any child, she used to collect stickers, but because they were so precious to her she couldn’t bring herself to use them. Now, being able to use all the stickers she wanted to decorate her dictionary filled her with happiness.

For one of the questions, Rosé was asked to draw the expressions of the members she thought of the most, but she decided to use stickers instead because of the abundance of cute ones. It turned into more of a “which sticker reminds you of each member the most,” but the love Rosé has for her members can be felt through her careful selection.

For Jennie, Rosé used a sticker of a bear that looked like Jennie’s dog, Kuma. Fitting, given that Kuma means “bear” in Japanese, and Jennie named her brown Pomeranian for its resemblance to a bear. BLINKs also know that Jennie loves teddy bears, so there’s no better sticker Rosé could’ve chosen.

For Lisa, Rosé initially wanted to choose a cat, but something felt missing. After sifting through the pile of stickers for a while, Rosé found the perfect sticker for Lisa: a bright yellow smiley face surrounded by the words “Good weather, good vibe, good people, good place.”

It’s very much like Lisa. It’s bright, she likes yellow, and she’s very positive, too.

— Rosé

| Lilifilm Official/YouTube

For Jisoo, Rosé couldn’t explain why she chose the sticker she did, only that it reminded her of Jisoo for some reason. The sticker she chose was cute and colorful, much like Jisoo’s personality, so perhaps that’s why she chose the sticker.

After writing little quotes of the stickers introducing themselves as her members, Rosé proudly showed them off with the cutest smile. It’s clear that the girls have a deep love and friendship for one another, so much so that just the thought of each other makes them smile.

The full video is linked below:


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