BLACKPINK’s Rosé Was Ready To Throw Hands When Staff Almost Hurt Lisa

Rosé wasn’t having any of it.

The members of BLACKPINK don’t play around when it comes to the safety of each other. When Jisoo could’ve needed an additional layer of protection for her short stage outfit, Jennie was quick to lend a hand.

When Lisa faced the danger of receiving an injury from a staff member, Rosé couldn’t help feeling protective as well.

After completing one schedule, the group hopped into their car to return to their dorms or move onto the next. Of course, they couldn’t forget to spend some time with BLINKs who had been waiting there to support them. Sitting in the car, Rosé waved goodbye to fans.

With Lisa sitting at the window closest to fans, she’d been leaning on it as she spoke with them and took one last look at them gathered there.

Without any warning, the window that Lisa had been leaning on suddenly began to close. Caught off guard, she quickly pulled her hands away and moved her face back to avoid it hitting her in the chin. When Lisa turned away with a look of shock, Rosé was far from happy.

As the window began to close once more, with Lisa safely settled inside, Rosé immediately turned toward the staff member who could’ve hurt their precious maknae. She was shooting so many daggers with her eyes that there was no mistaking Rosé was ready to throw hands to protect Lisa.

From the serious expression on Rosé’s face and the movement of her mouth as if she’d said something to get their attention, she may have given them a firm talking to afterwards.

See the moment that had not only fans upset but Rosé fuming from the way the staff hadn’t thought to make sure Lisa was safely inside first.