Winning Or Losing, The Running Man Cast Proves There’s Always Time For BLACKPINK

Even the losers couldn’t resist!

Everyone knows that BLACKPINK are total powerhouses and when it comes to their songs, there’s not a single person in the world that can stop themselves from dancing to it and nothing quite proved this fact like episode 422 of Running Man.


During the episode, Team Face and Team Voice were pitted against each other and had to guess a song based on the lyrics. While the first line had both teams stumped, they soon both took off thinking they had the answer.


As Team Voice approached the microphone first, Lee Ha Na was unsure of their answer but guessed anyway even though it was wrong.


Which then left Team Face to try a different song…which was also wrong.


While BLINKs all around the world were probably yelling at their screens that the answer was obviously BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, one more line was all Lee Ha Na needed to suddenly realize what the song was.


While the other team was still trying to figure out the tune, Team Voice hopped their way to victory!


But even though Team Face lost the challenge, they couldn’t help but take a dance break with their rivals when the song started playing.


Although their BLACKPINK knowledge didn’t come anywhere close to Apink Hayoung‘s, the two groups still had a ton of fun jamming out to the song and proved that there’s always time for a dance break with BLACKPINK.


Because that’s the true power of BLACKPINK!