BLACKPINK Took Photo Booth Pictures In Their “Season’s Greetings” Video, And They Were All Iconic

They’re hilarious 😂

BLACKPINK took photo booth pictures in their newly released “Season’s Greetings” video, and true to their style, they were all hilarious!

At first, the girls flashed many different kinds of poses—all of which resulted in iconic pictures. They especially loved Lisa‘s animated facial expressions.

They decided on a “crazy drama” theme for their next set of poses, with Lisa acting as a coldhearted mom, Jennie as a boisterous teenager, Jisoo as a naughty little brother, and Rosé as a cute puppy.

Jennie even went so far as to pretend to sniff Lisa’s armpits, much to her “misery”.

Lisa herself pulled off her role perfectly.

One picture in particular caused the girls to burst out laughing, and the culprit was Rosé’s hilarious facial expression.

Their final set of poses were just as adorable as the rest. At Lisa’s suggestion, they decided to pose as her four beloved cats.

Jennie chose Lily, Rosé chose Louis, and Jisoo chose Leo, so Lisa was automatically left to impersonate Luca.

They were especially impressed with Jisoo’s authentic impersonation of Leo.

It’s hard to pick the best photo out of them all! Watch all the fun happen in the full video below.