BLACKPINK’s Lisa Is The Mom Of The Most Adorable Cats—Here’s A Roundup Of Their Cutest Pictures

You’ll fall in love with all of them!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is the proud mom of six adorable little cats, four of whom live with her in South Korea. Named Leo, Luca, Lily, and Louis, Lisa’s furry children couldn’t have had a more loving mom!

And because they’re just too cute to not appreciate, we’ve compiled together some of their best pictures—all of which are guaranteed to make you go “aww“.

Check them out below!

1. Leo

The oldest of the bunch, Leo is a male Scottish Fold.

He is described as having a very energetic personality.

2. Luca

Following Leo is Luca, a male Ragdoll.

You’ll know it’s him because of his white and gray fur.

3. Lily

Lily is Luca’s biological kitten, and her mother is a cat named Jennie!

If ever you confuse her with Luca, just remember that she’s a tad bit chubby—at least according to Jisoo.

4. Louis

Last but not the least, Louis is the newest addition to the family.

The tiny kitten is a male British Shorthair with white and gray fur.

Aren’t they all too cute for words?