BLACKPINK Shares The Simple Disadvantage Of Only Having Four Members

It has something to do with games.

In the online broadcast to celebrate their second anniversary, BLACKPINK played Jenga with a twist. Each block had a question they needed to answer. These ranged from their food preferences to the difficulty level of their choreographies.

Another question they whole-heartedly answered was, “What game do you play in the dorm or waiting room?”

It was initially difficult for them to think of a response since they aren’t too fond of playing games.

At the dorm or waiting room? We don’t really play games.


It also brought up another problem: BLACKPINK has too few members to play most fun group activities. For example, they often wanted to play Mafia, a social deduction game, but it usually requires at least six players.

Jisoo: We only have four members. We want to play the Mafia game.

Jennie: We should bring more members because of her!

Though it was disadvantageous for that reason, the girls didn’t mind. They still played a few more games, including the one Rosé loves—Halli Galli, a speed action game that involves cards.

It’s so much fun to play with four.

— Jisoo

Check out the full video below!

Source: VLIVE