You’ll Want To Snap Photos All Day After You See BLACKPINK’s New Snapchat Filter

A BLACKPINK filter? Yes, please!

BLACKPINK aren’t just taking over the charts with “Kill This Love”, they’re also taking over Snapchat!


BLINKs have recently discovered that among the filters on the popular social media app, there is a brand new BLACKPINK version!


This brand new filter not only plays a clip of BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” it also puts balloon letters of the word “love” above the users head that will pop when you open your mouth.


Additionally, BLINKs have also discovered that the filter contains a link to buy tickets for their In Your Area world tour.


Many fans have already been giving the new filter a test or two…


And who wouldn’t want to test this new one out? It’s a special BLACKPINK filter!


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