BLACKPINK Gifted Their Staff With Designer Handbags in Celebration of the New Year

A generous New Year’s gift from the “young and rich” queens!

BLACKPINK‘s makeup artist recently shared photos to her Instagram account showing off the designer handbags they received from the idols as a gift.

The shared photos show 6 staff members posing with Prada handbags of various colors.

The staff members must have been excited to receive such generous gifts as they were captured smiling and laughing on camera.

What particularly stands out about the photos is the fact that they received a rainbow of colors of the signature Prada handbag.

Along with the photos, the makeup artist expressed her gratitude to the idols with the caption, “Thanks, girls.

Fans who marveled at the luxurious gifts responded with comments such as “I want to be a BLACKPINK staff member, too“, “Their scale is at a whole another level“, and “I’m so jealous“.

Source: Insight