WWE Star Adam Cole Revealed He’s A Huge Fan Of BLACKPINK

“Kill This Love” is his jam!

BLACKPINK is a group that possesses countless talents including intense rap skills, heart-fluttering vocals, and a fierce stage presence to say the least.

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And with so much talent, it’s completely understandable that everyone has fallen for the powerhouse girl group including WWE/NXT star Adam Cole.

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It’s definitely not every day that the worlds of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and K-Pop collide. Recently, however, this very rare event happened when Adam Cole confirmed his status as a BLINK.

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In addition to his wrestling career, Adam is also an avid gamer who often streams live as TheCHUGS through Twitch. During one of his recent streams, Adam revealed he’s a huge fan of BLACKPINK and has a particular soft spot for their hit “Kill This Love”.

I like BLACKPINK. The people who sing, ‘Let’s kill this love!’ *Continues to hum the song’s chorus* That’s a great song.

— Adam Cole

Commenting on how people think it’s funny he loves the song, Adam stood by his “guilty pleasure”…

But people think it’s really funny that I like that song. And I like BLACKPINK. They’re awesome. That’s my guilty pleasure. Cause that would be defined as a guilty pleasure I think.

— Adam Cole

And once again confirmed he truly is a certified BLINK!

For sure, it’s true. It’s true, dude! I’m just being honest. That’s a good song. That ‘Kill This Love’ song is great.

— Adam Cole

Adam’s confession may have come as a huge surprise, especially since absolutely no one was expecting these two worlds to collide, but fans everywhere are going wild for the news.

Who would have guessed the worlds of WWE and K-Pop could collide in such an amazing way! Check out a clip of Adam’s BLINK confession below: