BLACKPINK’s Fanmeeting Pushes Through Despite Empty Seats, Netizens Are Surprised

Korean netizens wondered why they weren’t able to fill up the venue.

BLACKPINK was the cause of concern for fans and non-fans alike when their underwhelming fanmeeting sales results were revealed in the beginning of September.

The private stage was held on September 21 at 1PM and 6PM KST in the Olympic Park Olympic Hall.

Despite the event going on sale since August, the 2,432-capacity hall still had empty seats on the day of the event.

Fans who went to the event uploaded photos online, gaining attention for the unfilled seats in the background.

The most recent count showed that there were still 384 regular seats and 56 VIP seats left in the first fanmeeting, and 330 regular seats and 1 VIP seat left in the second fanmeeting.

Netizens commented their confusion on the lack of ticket sales.

Is the fan meeting only for those who have joined the fan club???? Why are there so many empty seats?

– Korean Netizen

Even if concerts or fan meetings are small… it’s better to do it where you can fill it.

– Korean Netizen

They had a number of theories on why there were still empty seats.

The tickets are very expensive…almost 9,000 won.

– Korean Netizen

BLACKPINK’s album sales are mostly from foreign fans

– Korean Netizen

Source: TheQoo