BLACKPINK’s Fanmeeting Is NOT Sold Out, K-Nets Ask Where Their Fans Are

“It’s because there is no connection between BLACKPINK and their fans.”

BLACKPINK is undoubtedly one of the biggest girl groups in the world, breaking records over and over again. Their first solo private stage in Seoul after nine months, however, seems to be encountering problems with ticket sales.

To be held on September 21 at 1PM and 6PM KST in the Olympic Park Olympic Hall, the event has been revealed since August 23 via BLACKPINK’s Youtube channel.

Korean netizens, however, have noticed that there are still a number of empty seats in the Olympic Hall, which has a capacity of 2,432.

[1st concert] 1PM
VIP seats: 88K won (312 tickets), R seats: 77K won (392 tickets)

[2nd concert] 6PM
VIP seats: 88K won (22 tickets), R seats: 77K won (429 tickets)

Available VIP Seats: 80

K-netizens have been commenting on the hundreds of tickets still being sold.

Look at the number of tickets outstanding… Crazy, it’s been a while since the ticketing started though.

— Korean Netizen

Considering that a number of groups can sell out the same venue, this has been a cause of concern for many people. Some believed that the lack of ticket sales has been due to the poor connection between BLACKPINK and their fans.

First of all, the prerequisite for a girl group to expand their fandom is that the relationship between fans and idols is good. I fangirled a bit on Blackpink but there was just no connection between us. The company only pushes Jennie and the members are also only looking at Jennie. To be honest, Jennie also seems to enjoy being at the top.

— Korean Netizen

One possible reason may have been their short track list.

I know that they’ve been promoting for a few years now but they only barely have 10 songs.. just how are they supposed to pull off a concert? This is not a hate comment. I’m actually curious so I’m asking.

— Korean Netizen

Antis have declared that though they have a certain level of popularity, BLACKPINK lacks fans as a whole.

They do have recognition among the general public but I think that their core is a bit weak.

— Korean Netizen

Many, on the other hand, were defending BLACKPINK, pointing out that the event was not a concert but a private stage.

Guys, it’s a fanmeeting not a concert.

—  Korean Netizen

Let’s not compare with other concert records. Their songs are good.

—  Korean Netizen

What do you think about the situation?