BLACKPINK’s Jennie Became Emotional And Teary-Eyed While Asking Their Fans To “Don’t Give Up” On Them

“It’s hard to ignore because it hurts my feelings.”

BLINKs are extremely happy because popular girl group BLACKPINK is coming back today, June 26!

It’s been a long wait. And even though both the fans and the artists felt a bit down at first…

…everything will all be worth it because the group is releasing their pre-release single on June 26th.

But did you know that beneath the gorgeous-looking teaser photos of the group…

…the members “struggled” with their feelings about their comeback in the past, because they did not have a clear answer about it?

In fact, Jennie mentioned in one of her past broadcasts that every time a BLINK asks for news about their comeback…

…she felt that ignoring the question is hard because it “hurts” her feelings.

In the past, every time a question about their comeback came up, Jennie would pretend that she didn’t see the question. Why? It’s because they were also unsure of what answer to give to the fans.

I’m sorry.

– Jennie’s message to BLINKs

But even if this was the case, though, Jennie still called on to the fans to continue supporting the group because they’re still working on their new songs on their new album.

Finally, Jennie asked BLINKs to “don’t give up”. This message was also intended for herself, and for her co-members, as she said “Let’s not give up. Both of us.”

And good things really come to those who wait, because BLACKPINK will be having their comeback today!


It’s so heartwarming to know that the girls are coming back, especially since they also had a hard time when they were trainees:

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